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Riso Print - The Project Twins
I recently bought a gift of a print for a friend of mine. He had asked me to help choose art for his house when he bought it, but I wasn't sure he meant it. After helping me with my accounts for the last few years I thought I'd gift him a piece of art. I work on the theory that if you choose something you love and gift it to someone you care about then you are not only gifting them the physical item but also your thoughts about style, production and craft. I really find it hard to gift things that people really want but I don't like. Maybe that's selfish? But I can't seem to justify buying things that I think are horrible. 

Anyway, back to what I bought. I bought a Riso print from The Project Twins, a collaborative brotherly duo based in Cork. I've been a fan of their work for a long time and was delighted to buy a print to gift. The print arrived so carefully and beautifully packed. I then got it framed in Hang Tough who always do a super job. I hung the framed piece on my wall, still wrapped in protective material from the framers. I had chosen a vibrant blue inlay on the frame and it just looked gorgeous. I loved it, so much so I was finding it hard to part with. I did part with it and my friend loved it. He was quite chuffed I think. Job well done. Happy friend with lovely art on his wall! :)

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