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Dot Magazine

Small homes with children 
need curation & storage
& creative gifts 

I have two young children, 1 and 3 years old. I also have a small house. Not tiny, but it's small. We love it, but I hate clutter. It drives me nuts. I'm certainly not claiming to be a minimalist, anyone who even vaguely knows me will tell you so, but I really can't think straight in a mess.

I also can't stand advertising to children, it's everywhere. Some subtle some downright obnoxious. There are many examples but one that springs to mind is a little pink piggy. She's everywhere. Magazines, bags, knickers, yogurts etc. etc. the list is endless. And no matter what your opinion is about this little piggy, the production line of tat that goes with her is just obscene.

I thought we were supposed to be teaching this generation of children about sustainability not disposability, quality over quantity, engaging content over quick fix?!? Anyway... Before I had my babies I came across a business selling magazines for children and kept the name locked away in my brain for when I needed it. 

Studio Anorak is an independent kids publishing house established in 2006 by Cathy Olmedillas, formerly of 90s lifestyle bibles The Face and Sleazenation. It publishes Anorak Magazine and DOT four times a year. Both titles are unisex and sold all around the world in kids boutiques, museum shops and newsagents.

Since having my two little ones I have bought both DOT (5 years and under) and Anorak (6+). They are so great! These quarterly publications are available to buy as single issues or an annual subscription. The print quality is sumptuous and the content is engaging, beautifully illustrated and fun. It cost £25.20 for 4 issues of DOT including delivery to Ireland. I think that's pretty darn decent for what you get! It would be a wonderful gift for a child who likes getting post (who doesn't?) and it takes up very little room in a house, provides a lot of entertainment, creative engagement and looks great too. Happy Days! 

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